Unboxing Velvet Recliner, Ottoman set Assembly Guide

A X 8

B X 8

C X 1

D X 8

Step1: Remove the sofa, footrest, and chair leg from the packaging. 

Step2: Place the screw labelled (A) into the Washer labelled (B). Once assembled, place them both (assembled together) into the chair leg (D) as shown below. Tighten the screw assembled on the chair leg into both the bottom of the sofa and the ottoman base. 

Step3: Adjusting the backrest

Pull the entire backrest towards you, away from the seat
You should pull the backrest until you hear clicks of the joints in the chair joining up.
Then pull the backrest until it's flat,
Once done, push the backrest into the position you prefer.





Adjusting the backrest Video

Step 4: Adjusting the shoulder rest:
See Diagram (5)
1- Stand behind the chair
(See Diagram 5 – Position 1)
2- Place one of your hands at the center line that separate the headrest and backrest, and gently push forward (See Diagram 5 – Position 2)
3- Hold the headrest as shown in diagram position 3, Push the shoulder rest towards the chair and fold it over.
4- Once done, pull it back sharply in one quick movement to snap it upright.
You should hear/feel click sound.
5- Then adjust by pushing the shoulder rest slowly into your desired position.

Adjusting the shoulder rest Video

Diagram (5)

Adjusting Head Rest side Wings Video

First Time use

The packaging of the chair is compact, and for the best results you will need to follow these steps after unpacking and assembling the chair: 

  • Allow 24 hrs for the chair’s insulated foam to fully inflate

  • Puff the cushions as shown in the video to fluff the fibers

Following this process will allow the foam to fully inflate, giving the chair a plush and soft feel. 

Puff the cushions Video

Easy to Clean


·        If you feel the headrest is causing pressureon your back head, place 1 toss pillow behind your back as shown in the image

(Diagram 6 - position1).

Diagram (6)

·        For the head rest to be adjusted to a stableposition you should have the back rest position set in position 4 of the(Diagram 7).


·        If your headrestis unstable, it will likely be due to improper positioning when adjusting.

Diagram (7)

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